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Project Type: Usability Testing

Class: INST 702 — Advanced Usability Testing

Team: James Chi, Christopher Bonk, Jessica Yuan, Kunal Eapen

Timeline: February  2018— May 2018

What is RING?

The Ring video doorbell is the next step in home security, competing with top security agencies by bringing personalization to the arena of home protection. The Ring doorbell contains a small high definition camera and intercom system that is accessed through a smartphone application. The audio and footage are saved to a cloud server, which also can be accessed through the application.


This project is for educational purpose, so the professor allows us to explore usability methodologies on whatever we want to test. Since none of our teammates has usability test experience, we discuss and decide to challenge ourselves to test both physical device and its companion application. We believe we can learn comprehensive usability test knowledge through the process. Also, device accessibility is significant in this semester-long process. Two people from our team install the Ring device at home. Thus, considering both learning purpose and device accessibility, we decide to test the Ring and its mobile app.

Project Goal

We wanted to observe how participants who have never used the device before interact with the companion application, with no knowledge of how the device works. This will provide a unique perspective as to how guests (people who would be home visitors or guests that were given access to the app through the homeowner) use the application and interact with the Ring without ever seeing or touching the device.

My role

Before usability test

  • Set up the test room

  • Design pre-questionnaire for potential participants

  • Recruit participants

During usability test

  • Note taker: 2 times

  • Moderator: 1 time

  • Actor: 1time

  • Equipment Operator: 1 time

After usability test

  • Analyze quantitative results 

  • Design visualization for results.


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