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Website Design | Ziger Snead Website Redesign

​Original Website:

Why redesign?

  • Ziger/Snead is a Baltimore local architecture studio with a national reputation for design excellence. However, their website doesn't look as satisfied as their architecture achievement. It doesn't well-consider about user experience and accessibility. For example, the homepage of Ziger/Snead makes me very confused about what does the company do? Due to it only demonstrates an architecture background and a navigation bar, it not looks professional and sophisticated in the design field. I'd like to redesign the website and optimise the user experience, which can give a better impression to clients and cooperative partners.



1. Branding

It's very important to rebrand the company and make a visual identity guide the website redesign.

  • Logo

  • Color

  • Typeface

  • Style/guideline


2. Navigation

The navigation bar also need to be clearly and consider about people who have color blindness.

  • Hover states 

  • Reorder

  • Content



  • White Space

  • Stacking

  • Layout

  • Couple of pages

Redesign Guideline

​Redesign pages

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